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Why you must invest in professional window cleaning

Professional window cleaning always needs to be a regular part of your regime.

Quite apart from the fact that there may be safety regulations or cleanliness standards with window cleaning which you must comply, the impression your business creates is a fundamental part of: your image and brand, your marketing and communications and ultimately, your business or organisation’s success.

That first impression.

And that’s because the impression and experience your organisation creates, really does matter, from the first point of contact someone may have with your business, right through to the lingering last impression that they leave with.

After all, if you’re standing in a busy street, lined with cafés and restaurants, you’re not going to choose the one that looks grubby and uncared for! In fact, the chances are, you won’t even walk over and glance at the menu, you’ll just choose somewhere else to eat.

The importance of customer experience.

But what if a customer does dine in your restaurant and as they pull back their chair to sit down, they notice the windows have sticky fingerprints, traces of grease or food, or even mould from damp and condensation build up!

It doesn’t create a great experience for them and unfortunately, they’re far more likely to remember the sticky marks and mould than the food they enjoyed. And don’t be fooled for a moment into thinking they won’t notice that you haven’t had the window cleaners in for a while because as you know, customers have an uncanny habit of noticing every last little detail! That’s human nature and it means, they’re unlikely to leave you rave reviews or come back.

Worse still, what if rather than a restaurant, your customer finds mould and dirty fingerprints on the window of a treatment room where cleanliness is vital and the customers may have health issues that make them vulnerable!

Whatever the sector you’re in, it matters.

OK, so a restaurant is an obvious example of when commercial window cleaning is important, but the same principles apply to any industry.

Imagine you’re meeting two potential suppliers who are both keen to win a project to work with you. They’re pretty similar on price and delivery but when you visit their respective offices, one stands out as being bright, clean and attractive, while the other has dirty windows and window sills.

Don’t give yourself an unfair disadvantage.

The reality is, that consciously or not, the state of their premises is likely to influence your decision. And if the balls on the other foot, and it’s you trying to win that project, you may have just lost out and for reasons that have nothing to do with your service, product or price. And this applies whether you’re a shop, an office, a hospital or a doctor’s surgery. First and last impressions count.

What about commercial window cleaning in schools and colleges?

There’s an increasing body of evidence that demonstrates how the environment that we work in, effects our ability to concentrate, learn and perform. It’s obvious really. Imagine the pupil who arrives at a clean and bright school, with well-presented and clean classrooms, from the desks to the windows. Compared to the pupil who arrives to see filthy windows, covered in graffiti and which they can’t see out of. And that’s before parents or Ofsted have put in an appearance!

Commercial cleaning is a necessity.

The point is, in an ever-increasingly competitive world, impressions really do matter. What’s more, most first impressions are formed within a few seconds and once an impression has been formed, you’re going to have to work extremely hard to turn things around.

But how often is professional window cleaning really necessary?

This will depend on your business, your location and maybe even the time of year! As there are a number of factors that could will affect your decision, we’ve put together this schedule based on good practice in different industry sectors, for you to use as a guide:

  • Restaurants: due to circulating grease and moisture, the chances of splashes from spills, and the presence of food, it is best to have windows cleaned every two weeks – both inside and out.
  • Healthcare facilities: including hospitals, clinics, doctor’s surgeries These need a well-maintained appearance and hygiene is paramount, which is why it is best to have windows cleaned on a monthly basis.
  • Retail stores: most retail locations have a large amount of foot traffic, which means you should invest in professional window cleaning once a month. Sticky hands-on shop fronts can build up fast.
  • Office buildings: in most cases, office buildings won’t require cleaning as often as others, and unless there is some type of event that causes more dirt than usual, you can schedule professional window cleaning two times a year.

Additional factors that may help determine your Window Cleaning Schedule may include:

  • Location: are your windows near busy streets or main roads? They will become dirty much faster than those located in quieter locations.
  • Landscaping: is your building near trees that drip sap or host wildlife such as pigeons? Are there mulched areas against the building? Or is your building near a parking lot? You’ll need to schedule in window cleaning more often due to the debris in the air.
  • Weather: does your area get a lot of rain? If so, it can splash up debris and leaves that will need to be removed from your windows, as well as water spots. Snow and ice can also cause additional build-up of dirt.
  • Structure: even though a unique or interesting building design will help your company stand out, there are some features, including inset windows, that will get dirtier, faster.

Make sure you stand out, for all the right reasons!

From shop fronts, offices, or hotels to various education establishments. Our window cleaners can provide a single clean or weekly, monthly and quarterly services to be sure your company shines all year round. We would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation. Make sure you stand out, for all the right reasons!




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