Computer keyboard cleaning sanitising

We can provide external cleaning to all computer casings, screens and keyboards. We can also sanitise all exterior telephone bases and handsets for hygiene purposes.

The cleaning and sanitisation of IT equipment and other office tools is an often overlooked aspect of office cleaning. Many office workers now eat their lunch at their desks, making it important that desks and often-used equipment is cleaned and any dirt particles removed on a regular basis. Computer screens, keyboards and mouses can be some of the dirtiest equipment in an office, with many workers oblivious to the potential health hazards they are exposing themselves to on a daily basis.

Clean desks and equipment mean that your workforce is less likely to fall ill and take time off, which in turn, will save your business money and time.

Our office equipment cleaning services covers a wide range of IT and communication equipment, including:

  • Desktop computers (this includes the keyboard, monitor, mouse and computer unit)
  • Laptops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and docking stations
  • Dealer and trader turrets
  • Printers, photocopiers, scanners, fax machines and multi-function devices
  • Desktop telephones and switchboards
  • A/V suites, stations, and mixing desks
  • EPOS systems and cash registers
  • Card payment devices
  • Franking machines and weighing scales

Computer and keyboard cleaning prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps your working environment clean, fresh and healthy. If you would like a quote for IT equipment and keyboard cleaning services for your Wimbledon, Croydon or Mitcham office, please contact us.




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