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Commercial Gutter Cleaning Services

In addition to our comprehensive contract cleaning services, Zi Cleaning Services also provides schools and commercial premises across Wimbledon, Croydon, Mitcham and South London with exceptional commercial gutter cleaning services.

Established in 1998, John and the Zi Cleaning Services team have worked hard to build a reputation across Croydon, Mitcham, Wimbledon and other areas of South London for excellent cleaning services. Add our commercial guttering cleaning services to your seasonal cleans.


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Our Accreditations
Chas accredited contractor
office cleaning
Gutters cleaned
Downpipes cleared
Surrounding area cleaned
Roof cleaning and gutter clearing services
Significantly reduce mould
Prevent water damage
Brackets and seals checked
Zi Services

Commercial Guttering Clearing Services

Did you know that the majority of water damage to business premises is due to blocked guttering and downpipes? Commercial gutter clearing services are a professional, efficient way to keep your internal walls free of dampness.

Using a 3300 watt industrial wet and dry gutter cleaner with a reach of up to 12 metres, Zi Technical Services can ensure the gutters and pipes around your building are clear of dirt, moss and debris to minimise the chance of damage from blockages and build up and save you unnecessary expenses.

Our Commercial Guttering Cleaning Service includes a thorough cleaning of the guttering, downpipes and surrounding areas using our specialist industrial gutter cleaning equipment.

We are proud to provide our clientele with a clean, safe working environment and are committed to serving companies in Croydon, Mitcham, Wimbledon and business establishments across South London. We would be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.


Zi Services

Commercial window cleaning South London

To Clean Exterior of External Glass

Pure water fed pole window cleaning is the modern, environmentally friendly solution for cleaning windows up to five floors high without the operative leaving the ground. Safe, efficient and cost effective, it is the preferred method for many different kinds of retail and commercial properties.

The technique makes use of a telescopic pole that is fitted with a brush and water jets. Pure water is fed up the pole and sprayed onto the window while the brush is used to agitate the dirt. After the dirt has been removed the brush is held a short distance away from the window. The glass is given a final spray of water and left to dry, leaving a smear free finish.

Access to some high-level windows can be obtained from inside of building.

All our employees are compliant with the current Health & Safety Regulations.

Caution signs will be displayed where vision is restricted. In all corridors and passageways, narrow walkways, fire escapes, and external pavements.

To Clean Inside of External Windows

Windows would be cleaned, where possible, using applicator & Lamb’s wool and a rubber squeegee. Wetting the glass with Lamb’s wool applicator dipped in a mild detergent solution, going all over the pane and finishing up by wiping round the edges to pick up any dirt that has been pushed against the frame. Squeegee the glass before any dry spots appear and dry polish to remove smears.